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Sumithra K

I had social anxiety disorder since childhood. It is a very overlooked condition and people keep giving advises like be confident, don't worry and all. But they don't realize how crippling this condition can get. I have changed 7 jobs so far because of extreme performance anxiety reactions. Thanks to Dr. Parul Prasad, Dr. Anil and Dr. Sahana team, I have become functional. I never knew that it is such a treatable condition. The best plus point with Trident Hospital is his scientific approach. Best psychiatrist in Lucknow in my opinion.

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Meenakshi Agarwal

Trident Hospital is a great and has best doctor team. They has lot of patience and understands the issues very well and make sure the problem is solved. We felt we are in the safe hands and my inlaw recovered. They treats and prescribes very well. Truly great, awesome 👌 doctor. Thanks Doctor 👍 for the help.

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Yamini Yadav

Lots of respect and gratitude for the doctor as he has saved us every time we have fallen. Shall be indebted to him for our whole life. We can never repay him. Really blessed and thankful to God that he still makes doctors like him. 🙏🏻

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Nayanjyoti Bhagawati

My son was suffering from lack of sleep, negative thoughts, anxiety.. Doctor was very interactive, empathetic and conveyed us the reason for mental health problem and helped my son to cure.. Highly recommend this doctor for any mental health problem.. Please talk to someone when you are going with difficult times and he is the right person to talk..

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Murari Kumar

One of the best doctor. I consulted for my mother and she was facing with anxiety issue. Before this we consulted other doctor and that don't help. We were worried a lot about my mother problem but with Trident Treatment it started reducing the anxiety. We were able to see the difference in one month only. And by end of 3 months she was completely normal. Totally 4 to 5 month we took the medication. Thank you very much doctor.